Monuments et images de Byzance
  • Monuments et images de Byzance

Monuments et images de Byzance


This volume gathers thirty-three articles, of which one is translated for the first time into French and a second is unpublished. The others have been the subject of some updates and bibliographic additions. The oldest was published in 1976, the most recent in 2017. During these four decades, the disciplines concerned by these articles, archaeology and art history, have evolved a lot and have become more and more distant from each other, which is undoubtedly both inevitable, given the multiplication of publications, and regrettable. The articles gathered here can testify to this evolution. They are divided into three parts. The first (Historiography) brings together seven articles published from 1999 onwards. The last one, unpublished, is the development made for this volume, of an intervention to a conference organized in 2017. These dates show the late appearance of interest in historiography, but also its persistence in the intellectual landscape during the early years of the twenty-first century. The division of the remaining articles into two parts (II, Early Christian World and III, Byzantium) also sanctions an increasingly frequent specialization of scholars between these two periods of the history of the Eastern Empire. Within each part, the articles follow each other in the chronological order of their publication, highlighting the variety of themes addressed, linked to the demands of teaching and to various opportunities.

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