Tome XVII – Constructing the seventh century
  • Tome XVII – Constructing the seventh century

Tome XVII – Constructing the seventh century


The title of this volume could be misleading. “Constructing the 7th century” by no means implies an intellectual construction. It should rather recall the image of a construction site with its scaffolding and piles of bricks, and with its plentiful uncovered pits. As on the building site of a medieval cathedral, every worker lays his pavement or polishes up his column knowing that one day a majestic edifice will rise and that it will be as accomplished and solid as is the least element of its structure. The reader can imagine the edifice as he reads through the articles collected under this cover, but in this age when syntheses abound it was not the editor’s aim to develop another one. The contributions to the volume, regrouped in five sections, explore various aspects of institutional, political and cultural life of the century producing unpublished material and new insights on some much debated topics.

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edited by Constantin Zuckerman
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