Morts vivants, tombes et mausolées en terre d’Islam
  • Morts vivants, tombes et mausolées en terre d’Islam

Morts vivants, tombes et mausolées en terre d’Islam


The volume gathers together old articles, most of which diverge from the primitive versions because of the depth of the alterations and additions. After the resurrection of ephemeral corpses during their funeral or in their burial which condemned them to a new and infinite death, if a thief who came by night to strip them of their shroud did not lend them a new life without his knowledge by delivering them from hell, various funerary themes are addressed in turn: burials in the city, Cairo's Christian and Jewish cemeteries, the structure of tombs from the visible to the invisible, the triumph of the long-cursed mausoleums, the guides consulted by pilgrims in the meandering cemeteries and the city, and Nafīsa the obscure descendant of the Prophet who became illustrious only long after his death. Then come various Fatimid mausoleums in Cairo, those whose epigraphs were stolen by marble-loving pirates, those of the unknown elite for lack of a stele, and those of the authentic descendants of the divine messenger to the false prophets who lost their ashes and worship over the days. Finally, the book ends with the countless funerary steles unearthed in Cairo, most of them scattered around the world far from the tombs where they revealed the names of the dead.

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Youssef Ragheb
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